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T. Ohyama*, C. M. Schneider-Mizell*, R. Fetter, J. V. Aleman, R. Franconville, M. Rivera-Alba, B. Mensh, K. Branson, J. H. Simpson, J. W. Truman, A. Cardona, M. Zlatic

Multilevel multimodal integration enhances action selection in Drosophila

* equal contribution; Nature;  (2015)


B. F. Fosque*, Y. Sun*, H. Dana*, C-T. Yang, T. Ohyama, M. R. Tadross, R. Patel, M. Zlatic, D. S. Kim, M. B. Ahrens, V. Jayaraman, L. L. Looger, E. R. Schreiter

Labeling of Active Neural Circuits in vivo with Designed Calcium Integrators

Science; 347: 755-60 (2015)


J. T. Vogelstein*, Y. Park*, T. Ohyama*, R. A. Kerr, J. W. Truman, C. E. Priebe, M. Zlatic

Discovery of brainwide neural-behavioral maps via multiscale unsupervised structure learning.

* equal contribution; Science; 344: 386-92 (2014)


T. Ohyama, T. Jovanic, G. Denisov, T. C, Dang, D. Hoffmann, R. A., Kerr, M. Zlatic

High-throughput analysis of stimulus-evoked behaviors in Drosophila larva reveals multiple modality-specific escape strageies   PLos One; 8(8):e71706


C. Tong, T. Ohyama, A. C. Tien, A. Rajan, C. M Haueter, H. J. Bellen.

Rich regulates target specificity of photoreceptor cells and N-Cadherin trafficking in the Drosophila visual system via Rab6. Neuron; 71; 447-459 (2011)


Z. Wu, L. B. Sweeney, J. C. Ayoob, K. Chak, B. J. Andreone, T. Ohyama, R. Kerr, L. Luo, M. Zlatic, A. L. Kolodkin.

A combinatorial semaphorin code instructs the initial steps of sensory circuit assembly in the Drosphila CNS.  Neuron; 70 ; 281-298 (2011)


C. K. Yao, Y. Q. Lin, C. V. Ly, T. Ohyama, C. Haueter, V. Y. Moiseenkova-Bell, T. G. Wensel, H. J. Bellen.

A synaptic vesicle-associated Ca2+ channel promotes endocytosis and couples exocytosis to endocytosis. Cell; 138 947-960, (2009) 


P. Verstreken*, T. Ohyama*, C. Haueter, R. L. Habets, Y. Q. Lin, L. E. Swan, C. V. Ly, K. J.  Venken, P. de Camilli and H. J. Bellen.

Tweek, an evolutionarily conserved protein, is required for synaptic vesicle recycling.

* equal contribution;  Neuron; 63: 203-215 (2009)


straightjacket is required for the synaptic stabilization of cacophony, a voltage-gated calcium channel alpha1 subunit

C. V. Ly, C-K Yao, P. Verstreken, T. Ohyama and H. J. Bellen

Journal of Cell Biology; 181: 157-170, (2008)


T. Ohyama, P. Verstreken, C. V. Ly, T. Rosenmund, A. Rajan, A-C. Tien, C. M. Haueter, K. L. Schulze and H. J. Bellen.

Huntingtin interacting protein 14, a palmitoyl transferase required for exocytosis and targeting of CSP to synaptic vesicles.  Journal of Cell Biology 179 1481-96 (2007)